ChatGPT, WEF, crisis
16/05/2023 Patrick Trancu

There has been extensive talk recently about systemic crises and polycrises and I have written a few posts on the topic (mostly in Italian). Separately I have also taken an interest in AI trying to get my head around the concept. Among the first to register on Chat GPT I never took the time to …

ENAC issues new Family Assistance regulation
10/05/2023 Patrick Trancu

I am particularly proud to have joined “pro bono” a working group set up by ENAC – Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (National Civil Aviation Authority), tasked with drawing up new Family Assistance regulations for Italy. For several months, I had the pleasure of working with ENAC managers and executives and with representatives of the …

“Pre-mortems” in crisis prevention
22/01/2023 Patrick Trancu
Imagine futures

The Financial Times Weekend edition remains, at least for me, a thought-provoking tool. This weekend two interesting articles by Simon Kuper and John Thornhill both dealing in different ways with crisis. An unimanigable world and the importance of “pre-mortems”. Technology as a crisis creator and solver In his article titled “Today’s polycrisis might just bring …

«Pervasive uncertainty» requires a paradigm shift.
04/09/2022 Patrick Trancu

If you are interested in crisis management, historical parallelism, the fallout of the Russia-Ukraine war, and what is currently happening in the global economy this is a must-read article. Keeping in mind crises are never the same the article offers some valuable reflections on «pervasive uncertainty». I particularly liked Martin Wolf’s characterization of what he experienced …

Decision-making & parallel thinking
05/06/2022 Patrick Trancu
decision-making parallel thinking

Can parallel thinking bring value to the crisis management decision-making process? It’s a question I asked myself after reading Tim Harford’s article published by the FT. “If at first you don’t succeed, goes the old saying, try, try again. Good advice, up to a point. But let me offer a modification: even when you do …

Lessons learnt from the Covid19 crisis
24/08/2021 Patrick Trancu
Lo Stato in Crisi. Pandemia, caos e domande per il futuro. Patrick Trancu

Very pleased to share this article born out a recent webinar organized by the Italian Association of Risk Managers (Anra) to discuss «Lo Stato in Crisi. Pandemia, caos e domande per il futuro» the book I curated and co-wrote with 34 other academics and experts in a multi disciplinary approach.  A hard look from a …

Airport management company turns to TT&A
20/01/2021 Patrick Trancu
Consulenza gestione di crisi

We are pleased to start the new year welcoming a new client: a major Italian airport management company. During the pandemic crisis the client realized that one thing is managing an emergency at the airport, an event for which it is well prepared, and quite another to manage a crisis. Starting next week we will …

“Blitzkrieg” to safeguard CEO reputation
03/12/2020 Patrick Trancu

Between Sunday and Tuesday we provided, in cooperation with our international partners, 72 hours of strategic advice to safeguard the reputation of a major international CEO. Activated at 7 pm on Sunday evening, we worked closely with colleagues across borders to develop strategic approaches and messages. This enabled us to deal with the issues at …

Just a few days till my TED Talk at TEDxBrianza
12/02/2020 Patrick Trancu

When Marcello Arosio, organizer of TEDxBrianza reached out to me last October to invite me to hold a TED Talk I hesitated. Pleased to have been contacted I immediately wondered if my line of business and experience could be of interest to a broader audience. But Marcello, who had been following me on  on LinkedIn, was determined …