New challenges in crisis management
10/02/2020 Patrick Trancu

What are the new challenges in crisis management? Why are crises more frequent, intense and last longer? Inspired by Thierry Libaert‘s speech, I tried to push the reflection a step forward and attempted to answer these two questions during my opening remarks in a closed door seminar we recently organized in Milan. We also had the …

Crises seem to be more frequent and complex to manage. Why?
15/01/2020 Patrick Trancu
Crisis management

In a few days I will have the pleasure of meeting with Patrick Lagadec to discuss crisis management. During the past decade crises seem to have become more frequent, more intense and complex to manage. Even in Italy. Costa Concordia, MPS, Autostrade are just 3 well know examples. Why are crises more frequent intense and …

Crisis management: what can we learn from Boeing’s handling of the B737 Max crisis?
20/03/2019 Patrick Trancu

The aviation industry has always been at the forefront of crisis management. And for a good reason. When things go wrong the impact can be devastating. So high are the standards in the industry compared to others that over the past thirty years, the response to critical events has been codified. But the crash of …

Can Pope Francis steer the Catholic Church out of crisis?
27/02/2019 Patrick Trancu

Pope Francis, crisis manager in chief, just closed an unprecedented four-day summit at the Vatican attended by the heads of all national bishops’ conferences from more than 130 countries to tackle the issue of Child Abuse. This has been described by many observers as “the most pressing crisis facing the modern Church”. But can he successfully manage …

Crisis management: are you ready for the cyber theft of your intellectual property?
14/02/2019 Patrick Trancu

When we think data, most of us think about personal data and credit card information. However "data" refers to an extremely broad range of information. Intellectual property among it.

Crisis management: “deepfakes”, the latest threat from the digital world
04/02/2019 Patrick Trancu

We are only at the beginning of the potential use of “deepfakes” as a weapon of “reputational destruction”, the latest addition to a fast growing digital arsenal.  Deefakes are videos in which spoken words are changed to make it look like someone has said something they never did. Or faces superimposed to show a person …

Is President Trump “under siege”?
09/06/2017 Patrick Trancu

When Donald Trump yesterday pronounced the words “We are under siege” in front of the Faith & Freedom Coalition shortly after former FBI’s Director James Comey ended his public testimony on the Hill, crisis management experts must have jumped in their seats. Was the President expressing a psychological state of mind well know to practitioners? …

Crisis Management, Panama Papers and vulnerability audits
20/04/2016 Patrick Trancu

Since April 3rd the Mossack Fonseca affair, also known as Panama Papers, is keeping media busy worldwide. A number of crisis management experts have offered their views on the strategy adopted by the Law Firm in an effort to limit the damage or to offer their suggestions on how the reputation crisis should be managed. ENISA, (European Union Agency for Network and …

Crisis management: 7 crisis facts from the Germanwings crash
13/04/2015 Patrick Trancu

Over the past weeks a number of crisis communications experts have offered their views on Lufthansa’s handling of the Germanwings crash on March 24th which claimed the lives of 150 passengers and crew in the French Alps. Many have praised Lufthansa and its CEO Carsten Spohr, others have been more critical. Here are 7 key facts about crisis management and crisis …