Crisis management

Crisis management - Today's challenge - TT&A Advisors


The complexity of today’s environment poses a number of challenges when managing unexpected events. Communication has become extremely dynamic, multidirectional and interactive. Social media provides an environment in which both “news” and “fake news” spread instantly, polarizing public opinion and quickly impacting rcorporate reputation.

Stakeholder mobilize quickly to question actions and evaluate impact. Images speak one thousand words, especially when those sharing them are directly affected by the events.

The standard 60 minute lag time between incident and communications is long gone. Today, organizations must be in a position to mobilize their resources and activate their communications within minutes of events taking place. This can only be done if procedures are in place, teams are extensively trained and actions are planned and carried out seamlessly, prioritizing stakeholders by levels of “proximity”. As Seneca said “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

Crisis management - Our mission - TT&A Advisors


“We work with clients to develop crisis preparedness, training and cultural transformation programs that aim at creating a crisis sensitive culture at all levels of the organization. We help clients develop the «right reflex at the right time» and formulate «adequate, responsible and ethical» responses at times of crisis.

We offer them expert advice and services to respond and recover from unexpected critical events”.

Crisis management - Value proposition - TT&A Advisors


Companies operate within highly complex societal systems and environments. This is why preparing for, and managing, unexpected critical events requires a holistic approach. This allows companies to gain a clear and broader understanding of dynamics and behaviors of the internal and external stakeholders affected by the events.

We embrace a multidisciplinary approach based on 20 years “on the ground” experience and extensive research. We approach all crisis phases – preparation, response, recovery – with a clear, effective and measurable working methodology using “feedback” as a guiding principle to sustain continuous improvement.

We help organizations “raise the bar” by contributing to increased performance and resilience, safeguarding reputation at critical times and strengthening common values.