Our Story

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We were born in 1963. As it often happens in life by chance. Pepsi Cola, an invitation, an event, a cocktail, a conversation, an actress, a story written and published. A subsequent conversation. Another invitation. A discussion on how to promote the use of diamonds in industry. The first client: De Beers Industrial Diamond Division.

One of Italy’s first public relations consultancies is born. Other international clients follow. We are a founding member of FERPI, the Italian Public Relations Federation.

10 July, 1976. Seveso. A disastrous chemical spill. We are called in. Our first crisis management assignment.

1980s. The profession evolves, but we are a step ahead. Relations with stakeholders at the center of our vision. We change our name: from Theodore Trancu & Associates to TT&A.

8 October, 2001. An airplane crash. 118 casualties. A phone call. We are on site. Crisis management becomes part of our DNA. 2018. The world is increasingly complex. Crisis management requires a specialized approach. Once again, we shed our skin and change. We are now TT&A Advisors exclusively focused on helping clients address the crisis cycle. 55 years of history. A clear methodology. A focused approach.