Lessons learnt from the Covid19 crisis

Very pleased to share this article born out a recent webinar organized by the Italian Association of Risk Managers (Anra) to discuss «Lo Stato in Crisi. Pandemia, caos e domande per il futuro» the book I curated and co-wrote with 34 other academics and experts in a multi disciplinary approach. 

A hard look from a crisis management perspective at how the Italian government and institutions managed the COVID19 pandemic crisis during its first 6 months. 650 pages of in depth analysis, the “de facto” post mortem Italian institutions never wrote.

The book’s last chapter does not come to any conclusions – those are left to the readers – but asks 5 questions for the future.

Available in Italian on Amazon and at other on and offline bookstores.

Lo Stato in Crisi. Pandemia, caos e domande per il futuro. Patrick Trancu

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