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We work with a highly flexible structure tailored to meet both the client’s specific needs and the specific phase of the crisis cycle we are asked to address.

Seniority is a key element of our work. We believe best in class advice only comes from experience. We also strongly believe in the integration of academia to increase our knowledge and understanding of crisis dynamics and research best practices. This is why we have created a multidisciplinary Think Tank.

We address the stressful operational demands of the Response Phase with a “SWAT Team” which incorporates senior communications professionals, social media analysts and other professionals to support the client’s own communications team or to provide communication support should one not be in place. Out SWAT team can be mobilized 24/7.

We deliver seminars, crisis simulations and full programs across a wide range of countries in English or in the local language.

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Patrick Trancu, CBCI

Crisis Advisor with 20 years experience mostly counseling multinational clients. My expertise spans industries and types of crisis. In a previous life 30+ years as a Corporate Communicator.

I am passionate about crisis management, crisis communications and business continuity and strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to crisis preparedness. In a complex world, only thorough preparation increases chances of survival.

I counsel clients domestically and internationally and work with C-suite executives to create cultural transformation programs that strengthen corporate resilience and allow corporations to formulate “adequate, responsible and ethical” responses at times of crisis.

At the same time I am a member of clients’ crisis management teams and support clients during times of crisis and throughout the recovery phase.

I have attended IATA crisis communication seminars and I hold a business continuity CBCI certification from the Business Continuity Institute.